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The project will enable FBG to continue to work with the community to implement on ground works whilst improving skills, knowledge and management towards achieving sustainable farming practices with a focus on improved soil management.

On ground works include fencing to protect remnant vegetation or revegetation and help reduce the impact of wind erosion. Activities will include land managers implementing stream crossings to reduce water erosion. Extension activity will include media products or publications to demonstrate the success of the project.

Key Objectives

To encourage adoption of improved soil management methods to reduce the risk of soil acidification, soil loss through wind erosion, and by improving carbon content of soils.

8 land managers will be engaged in improving management practices and the community will develop a better understanding of soil health issues.

On ground works will include fencing and revegetation of wind affected land, as well as the establishment of perennial vegetation to provide cover. Extension activities such as workshops and media will be used to engaged and inform the community of what the project will achieve.

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