Cat Sterilisation Clinic


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Cost for cat sterilisation & microchipping

Male - $65.00

Females - $85.00

Micro chipping - $45.00

We are also offer micro-chipping for dogs, If you would like to book your dog in please call the FBG office on 9835 1127 or email Jess at and this can be arranged.


Once this form has been submitted we will contact you (early to mid march) with your appointment time and fasting requirements.  
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Owners Name
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Phone number (best contact number for the day or surgery)
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No pregnant or nursing cats will be sterilised *
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Micro-chipping costs $45.00 per pet
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If you select YES we will be in contact with you in regards to cost etc.
Do you have your own cat transportation cage? *
We have a limited number so it would be extremely helpful if you could bring your own or borrow one for the day.
I, being of legal age and responsibility for the animal(s) described above, have the authority and give consent to Dr Catherine Wishart to perform the sterilisation procedure and (If Selected) insert a microchip via a needle. I understand that modern techniques and trained staff will be used to care for all animals and precautions will be used against injury, escape or death of the animal(s). I understand that some risk always exists with and anaesthesia and/or surgery. I will hold harmless the FBG, The Shire of Jerramungup, Dr Wishart and Nurse Jess Brown should anything happen to the animal(s) described above. I understand that this premises is not a fully equipped veterinary clinic and I can choose to sterilize my cat in a full-service veterinary clinic of my choosing at my expense. I understand that all animals must be picked up from the Agriculture department laboratory at the end of the surgery day unless otherwise called. I have read and understand this release and agree to all the terms. *