Dry Season Workshop at Gairdner

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Our dry season workshop at the Keding family farm in Gairdner on Tuesday 7th August drew a crowd of about 60. In addition to providing some technical information from experts in their respective fields, the day was an opportunity to trade experiences about the season, particularly strategies that people are finding successful in helping them to manage the difficult circumstances. Jenna Lester, Rural Manager for Rabobank, kicked off the day by encouraging people to keep in contact with their banks and invite their managers out for a look. She reminded us that banks are in the business of managing risk and the more they know about your circumstances the better they can advise you. Farmanco’s Mae Connelly provided the following advice about contract washouts:  Start to act, make decisions, as soon as contracts are causing you stress  Contact each buyer you have contracts with to explain your crop conditions and ask about your options.  Each buyer will handle things differently so talk to them all first  Make sure to ask/negotiate on payment terms (they can be extended out)  Chip away at washing out tonnes just like you chip away at grain sales. Mae also recommended investigating swaps as an alternative to cash contracts for future seasons.